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Traditional Thai massage is a wonderfully energising and balancing treatment. To find out more about the origins of the approach, and what you could count on from a Thai massage, the coolest Spa manual talks to Tina Herridge, Head Therapist at SenSpa at Careys Manor.

what’s the historical importance of Thai massage?

“The roots of Thai massage date returned to the founding father of the practice, Shivago Komarpaj, known as Father doctor. He was a health practitioner and friend to the Buddha. historic scientific texts had been carved in stone to keep the way of life of Thai massage and these can be visible upon the walls within the Wat Pho temple in Bangkok.

The historic information and exercise of Thai massage has been surpassed down from mother and father to kids, ensuring that generations keep to advantage from these conventional strategies.

The practice of Thai massage, nuad Thai, has also won international popularity and has been brought to UNESCO’s intangible cultural history list.

Thai massage techniques fluctuate, depending on which regions of the u . s . you are in. today, these differences are discovered specifically in far off areas. inside the South of Thailand the emphasis is on pressure points (focussing on the energy strains) and inside the North of Thailand stretching is emphasized. people collect from one-of-a-kind areas, changing their techniques of Thai massage. nowadays, commercially, Thai massage combines both pressure points and stretching.”

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What are the simple principles of Thai massage?

“Thai massage works at the meridian (strength) lines inside the frame. whilst you turn out to be ill, the waft of power around the body has grow to be blocked or isn’t always flowing as freely because it must. if you have a Thai massage it encourages the go with the flow of strength, bringing concord and balance to the body.

Thai massage therapists have an intuitive sense and feeling to recognize wherein to apply stress and for how lengthy to press, aiming to launch muscular anxiety and stretch out tight muscle tissues, in the long run encouraging drift of power across the body.

while therapists use their frame weight to launch stress and anxiety from in the muscle mass it works deeper and is extra focused. Therapists combine leverage and stability of their own body weight to apply greater or to ease off, making sure they use the best strain on each customer.

in the course of a Thai massage the therapist will begin with meridian paintings. this means palm and thumb presses alongside the energy lines, which warms the muscle tissues and will increase blood flow. running around the joints, releasing tension and encouraging movement happens earlier than stretching of the limbs. via running on the meridian strains and joints, it warms up the frame physically and emotionally permitting most enjoy the stretching.”

How is Thai massage distinctive to other massage therapies?

“The Thai-style approach makes use of stress factors, muscle stretching and compression in a yoga-like rhythmic movement. while doing a Thai massage, therapists use their fingers, toes, elbows, forearms and knees. it’s miles performed on a mat at the ground the use of no oils, as it’s far completed on top of clothes.

Western varieties of massage are generally accomplished on a sofa and the masseuse may additionally use aromatherapy oils at once on the skin in lengthy, scooping and non-stop strokes.”

What are the health advantages of Thai massage?

“A full body Thai massage can launch muscular tension, growth flexibility and improve joint ache. The strategies used, focusing on trigger points, can also assist to increase blood circulate, raise the immune machine and promote mental readability.

A Thai massage enjoy assist you to relieve pressure and tension, encourages the glide of power thru your frame, increase energy ranges and stamina and promote an average feeling of relaxation and properly-being.”